The tree tattoo is one of the rarer ideas. It also does not belong to mainstream images or symbols. Nevertheless, a tree is one of the strongest and deepest symbolic signs. It corresponds to both a man and a woman. Its size may vary. They depend primarily on how realistic you want the tree to be, how rich details it should contain.

Tree tattoo – meaning, history

Life-giving plants

Trees are very long-lived plants. Some live up to 5000 years. A strong, large tree will resist the harshest weather conditions. Such a tree is home to many animals. On a hot day a person can also find refreshment in its branches. Sometimes, among the leaves you can find nutritious and tasty fruits, which restore your strength and sometimes even your health. Fruits are one of the primary remedies of ancient medicine.

History of sacred trees

Since ancient times, people of many different cultures around the world have worshipped trees. Most often, this practice did not single out any particular tree. For the Celts, they were special because they provided a dwelling for fairies. However, there were times when one species was considered sacred by people. The Greeks and Celts treated oaks in this way. Celtic druids would gather inside old oak trees to perform their rituals together. Even the name “druid” comes from the Celtic word for oak.


For the Germanic peoples, the special tree species was the linden, for the Scandinavians, the ash. The Old Testament of the Holy Bible writes about the cedars of Lebanon with delight. In ancient times, Lebanese cedars were synonymous with stunning beauty. The wood of the cedars of Lebanon was a priceless raw material. To this day, the Lebanese proudly place the figure of this tree on their flag.

Trees in religions

The Buddha considered Bodhi trees (sacred fig trees) a symbol of enlightenment. Hindus believe in the extraordinary healing powers of these trees. They list very specifically a number of diseases for which the sacred figs provide an antidote. Among these diseases we find asthma, diabetes and epilepsy. In addition to the sacred fig trees, Hinduism worships banana and sandalwood trees.

The Mosaic religions are also strongly associated with trees with extraordinary abilities. Let’s go back to the first book of the Old Testament, Genesis. Early on, we discover that the Garden of Eden was full of miraculous trees. Among these, the Bible singles out two located in the middle of Eden-the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. These names directly relate to the ability that the fruit of these trees bore in man. However, the Lord God commanded men not to eat the fruit of these trees. The disobedient Primarchs, tempted by Satan, consumed the fruit from the tree of knowledge. For this act they were expelled from Paradise. The tree of life is supposed to ensure the immortality of the body. The Christmas tree is a symbol of the tree of life in Paradise – the longing for happiness lost through sin.

Speaking of trees in various beliefs, I should not forget about Yggdrasil. This tree comes from Norse mythology. According to the beliefs of ancient Scandinavians, it is an ash tree that unites all existing worlds – humans, gods, ice giants, etc. – into one.

Image of the tree

There are not many ways to represent the tree itself. A static plant is moved at most by gusts of wind. To such an image it is worth adding other elements of the forest landscape. This will give the tattoo a beautiful look of a work of art.


However, there are countless species of trees. They differ from each other in size, appearance, color of flowers, bark, fruits, appearance of leaves. Each tree has its own symbolism. It is impossible to list them all in such a short article. If you have decided to get a tree tattoo, I encourage you to inquire about the meanings of each species. Make your tattoo mean exactly what your mind and heart dictate.