If your birthday falls between July twenty-third and August twenty-second, congratulations, you are a zodiac Lion! If you want to show off your lion pride, a tattoo inspired by your zodiac sign is a great idea! Lions are pack animals, so people born under this sign like to surround themselves with people and be the center of their attention. Perhaps this is the reason why so many zodiac kings of the jungle thrive in theater or other performing arts. After all, the lion is a sun sign of the zodiac that thrives through drama.

People who are born under this sign are very expressive, confident and proud. Lions are optimistic and determined people, able to act quickly and on a large scale. They believe in their own strengths and convictions and have organizational skills. Unfortunately, they are also prone to vanity and selfishness. They may also have trouble distinguishing between what is truly important and what only seems so. They are easily addicted to the attention given to them.

Tattoos with zodiac signs: lion – meaning, history

Lions have the ability to create some really great tattoos inspired by different aspects of their sign.
Rather unsurprisingly, one of the most popular designs is the mighty lion – the king of the jungle is the symbol that is most closely associated with this zodiac sign. Most Lions want their lion tattoos to look as dramatic as possible. This is not surprising, Lions tend to be dramatic. Many amazing tattoos have been created depicting proud Lions with huge manes. Lion royalty also offers the opportunity to add a crown to our tattoo – don’t be afraid to put a crown on your lion’s head, it will highlight his status!


Right after the lion, a popular symbol is simply the glyph of the zodiac sign. It may look a bit like a snake, but don’t let that fool you! If you’re into astronomy, the Lion constellation is also a great idea for a minimalist tattoo.

The story surrounding the Lion constellation can also give you some ideas for your tattoo. It revolves around the legend of Hercules and the Nemean lion. According to the legend, this lion had skin so thick that no blade could pierce it. Hercules was tasked with exterminating the Nemean beast as the first of his twelve labors. He managed to do this by sneaking into its cave and strangling the animal. This so upset the goddess Hera that she raised the lion’s soul to the stars, where it shines to this day.

The lion is a fire sign, so let the flames show. You can choose fire as the entire tattoo, or weave the flames into any other lion tattoo you decide on. Imagine flames instead of your lion’s mane, then you’ll understand what this is all about.
The Lion lives in the fifth house, which is known for its love issues. Extremely romantic Lions may choose to wear their hearts on their hand, or rather on their shoulder. Imagine a lion on a background created from hearts, you may want to add some more of the flames we mentioned earlier.

Another tattoo idea could be your star stone, which you should not confuse with your lucky stone, which is associated with the month you were born. The Lion’s stone is the ruby, so why not opt for a beautiful tattoo of a stone that reflects the rays of the sun?

Symbolic meaning of Lion tattoo:
Courage, bravado
Confidence, pride



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