Cancer as a zodiac sign is one of the three sun signs that belong to the water signs. If you were born between June twenty-first and July twenty-second, Cancer is your zodiac sign. As with every zodiac sign, Cancer is identified with certain specific character traits. At first, people born under this sign may seem shy, withdrawn, and timid.

Sometimes they act as if there is danger waiting around every corner. They become very attached to people, animals, and even objects. They often collect things that seem useless, precisely because of their sentimental value and the memories attached to them. Cancers are extremely sensitive, especially about their personality and appearance. They tend to react to injuries, even subtle ones, by withdrawing and generally avoid direct confrontation. They are happy to surround themselves with people from whom they sense no threat.

They often try to keep them with them by showing affection and care. They are very afraid of rejection. They feel strongly about all the feelings they experience. They can read and respond to the feelings of others. Unfortunately, they are often not self-reliant and cling to familiar situations and events.

Cancer Tattoo – History

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign of the zodiac and takes its name from the constellation of the same name. It is assigned to people born when the Sun is observed in this sign, which is between June 20/21 and July 22/23, the exact time frame depends on the year. People born under this sign tend to exhibit a wider range of traits than people born under other signs, but they tend to be stable, nurturing, sensitive and caring.

Like the freshwater crustacean that represents them, Cancers usually protect their delicate insides by creating a hard shell that separates them from the outside world. They usually have a great appreciation for old traditions, home life and taking care of their family and friends. When a person born under the sign of Cancer cannot fulfill their need to create a safe nest and take care of their loved ones, they may exhibit more of their much less pleasant character traits, for example, outbursts of anger, persistent bad temper, and hypersensitivity.

Given their deep devotion to beauty and art, tattoos are a pretty logical choice for Cancers to express their inner self. Nevertheless, regardless of the zodiac sign you have, it’s always a good idea to seriously consider what ideas you have for a tattoo so that you won’t be unhappy with the result once it’s done.

In art, it has been depicted variously, in the form of a crab, crawfish and even an octopus, as well as through motifs derived from myths about the position of the constellation in the sky. For the perfect Cancer tattoo design, any of these patterns can be used, alone or with any symbols.

Very popular are water, planets, the color silver and green, as well as the metal – silver. It was depicted in a very vivid way by the Italian painter Giovanni Maria Falconetto in his frescoes in the Hall of the Zodiac in the Palazzo d’Arco in Mantua, which were created in 1517. His works also provide great inspiration for a unique tattoo.

Symbolic meaning of Cancer tattoo:
The zodiac sign of the person wearing the tattoo, their family member or partner
Creativity, big imagination
Beauty, art
Timidity, shyness
Susceptibility to manipulation
Tenderness, romanticism, gentleness
Caring, thoughtfulness

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