Whether you’re into steampunk or robotics, tattoos with a biomechanics theme can offer you a glimpse into another world. Illustrator H. R. Giger is a huge authority when it comes to biomechanical designs and tattoos. His work was used in the creation of the Alien film series and has served as inspiration for many tattoo enthusiasts around the world. The black, gray, and dark colors of his robotic works blend wonderfully with the skin and allow tattoo artists to create unique, three-dimensional designs. From this point, it won’t be long until you start looking for an idea for your own tattoo in this style.

Tattoos with biomechanics motif – meaning, symbolism

Biomechanical tattoo is done more to show the observer what is under the skin, not on the surface. The beginning of most such tattoos depicts an opening of some kind in the skin. It may appear to be torn, cut or annealed by acid, depicting a mechanical interior. What waits inside this optical illusion varies in each design, but often there are detailed drawings of muscles, bones and tendons, mechanical gears, skeletons carved out of metal, whiskers and levers, plastic pipes, microchips, animals and insects.

Biomechanical tattoos are great for any part of the body, but their placement should depend on what you want to show “under the skin”. If you want to show specific bones as titanium rods, it would be best to choose the area around the spine, neck or leg because of their complexity and strength.


Gears and cogs fit best placed in “moving” areas, mainly joints. Such areas include the hip joints, wrists, ankles and shoulders, for example. Similarly, the heart, lungs, and certain parts of the skull will work well for a tattoo of this type.

A common choice is to put a hole full of butterflies on the abdomen. It is then good to also show the organs, or at least some outline of them, among which they fly.

Fish can swim in your bloodstream or a pair of wolves can look out from your back. Biomechanical designs incorporating animals can be playful, wild or inspiring. Deciding to get such a tattoo can be a way to show what you are really hiding inside.

Plastic tubes are most suitable for long stretches of skin, such as on the arms or legs. They can also be hidden in areas such as the shoulders and back of the knees.
While the vast majority of biomechanical tattoos show an image inside the skin, it is just as good an idea to have tubes or robotic parts coming out of one place on the skin and going into another. Both arms, legs, hands and fingers are great places to show such a unique design.

Symbolic meaning of tattoos with biomechanics motif:

Many enthusiasts of such tattoos believe that this kind of art is a perfect way to show their inner self. This includes their spirituality, animal instincts, passion for robotics or interest in steampunk.


When you design a biomechanical tattoo, you should think about both the image and its placement on your skin. For example, if you are tattooing a titanium skeleton on your skin or converting tendons into levers, you need to make sure you choose a good location. It is the combination of different images that makes such tattoos so popular, so just to be sure, double check the placement of your design before your tattoo artist grabs the razor.